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Pupil Premium at St Edward's

Pupil Premium at St. Edward’s 2017-18 £60,080 received


Extension of SENCo role

Now includes children in receipt of Pupil Premium funding, extension of SENCo management time from 1 afternoon to 2 mornings. This will enable closer monitoring of the progress of all children with additional needs. In addition to organising intervention programmes for all children on the SEN register and Pupil Premium Register, the SENCo manages all staff who support children on the SEN register and Pupil Premium Register.

Cost £14,000

Additional Teacher time in Y6

3 mornings and 1 afternoon

Cost £8,800

Pupil Premium Learning Mentor x2

Since the appointment of a part time Learning Mentor, the number of children supported by the Pupil Premium has risen from to 40, including children that have been in care. A full time Learning Mentor was appointed to start on 1st September 2013 to continue the work of the previous part time mentor taking into account the rising need. A second Mentor was appointed on a one year contract in September 2017. Children on the Pupil Premium register will receive support every week, either in small groups or individually.

Cost £25,400

Modern Apprentice Learning Mentor

An apprentice was appointed in July to support learning in the infants as the more experienced mentors work predominantly in KS2. Initially for 1 year but with the possibility of extending to 2.

Cost £4,000

School SSA 11 hours from PP funding

St Edward’s has now appointed 4 permanent Special Support Assistants equally funded by pupil premium and the notional SEN allowance in the school budget. They work at least 50% of their time with children who attract Pupil Premium funding.

Cost £6,000


Emotional support/counselling 2 hours per week for individual children

Cost £2,700

Dinnertime Support

2 hours per week for infant games

Cost £800

14 hours additional TA support per week -

Support targeted for groups and individuals in receipt of PP, both emotional support and interventions organised by Mrs Young and Mr Keane. Every class now has at least 4 afternoons with an additional adult.

Cost £9,000

Non Staffing Pupil Premium

For example – Educational Psychology, Music Tuition Fees, Year 6 Residential, school trips etc

£300 Breakfast club subsidy for 1 child on CP PLan

Cost £2,000

Total cost £ 72,700


Mr G. Keane, Headteacher

September 2017