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Sports Premuim 2017-2018

P.E. at St. Edward’s


  1. children at St. Edward’s receive two well-planned and high quality P.E. lessons every week. We use a mixture of the Blackburn with Darwen and Durham medium term plans. These are altered and annotated by class teachers to ensure that individual’s needs are met and that there is sufficient coverage for all the subject areas.



Year 5 children started swimming lessons at Darwen Leisure Centre in the Autumn Term. By the end of the third term the vast majority of children can swim 25 metres unaided and have been awarded a water safety certificate – for swimming in clothes and basic rescue etc. Due to increased Sport’s Premium funding, we are able to also present this opportunity to Year 4 children starting in the Autumn term. Key Stage Two children take part in the annual Darwen Sports Association Swimming Gala in the Spring term.


Outdoor Pursuits

As part of our Sports Premium funding we have the opportunity to work with ‘Sporting NRG’ who will teach Years 1-6 throughout the year focusing on Outdoor and Adventurous Education – including Forest Schools sessions and a weekly after school club.

Sporting NRG offer

  • Archery
  • Orienteering
  • Forest Schools
  • Team building/problem solving
  • Health and safety outdoor


Other outdoor pursuits are undertaken by Year 6 through a three day residential stay when the children undertake adventurous activities:


  • Abseiling
  • Canoeing
  • Zip wire
  • Climbing
  • Archery
  • Orienteering


Sports Premium


St. Edward’s will receive £14,062 for the academic year 2017/2018. The money will be spent, in the main to provide a sustainable improvement in the teaching of P.E. Some of the money will be used to provide P.E. ‘highlights’ during a two year period. Two Sports Coaches, one from St Bede’s, specialising in PE curriculum lessons (dance, games, gymnastics and athletics) will be employed this year to work alongside teachers to develop their skills. One from Sporting NRG will provide outdoor and adventurous education. The two coaches will also provide an after school club, this will complement the other clubs and competitive sports events we always enter.






The Impact.

Increased Participation Levels

2 x Sports Coaches

Kirsty Beaumont from St Bede’s

Gareth Davies from NRG

1 afternoon per week each with 45 min after school club on 2 nights


less £250.00 subscription from children

Total - £6,750

Based on last year – we predict

Multi Skills after school club – 70 will attend over the year.

NRG Club - 40 will attend over the year.

Cricket Coaching

12 weeks of one hour specialist coaching and after school club


Based on last year – we predict

After School Club-

15 will attend and take part in a Borough League.

Dance Tuition

30 weeks of one hour specialist tuition after school

£750.00 less £250.00 subscription from children (approximately £500.00)

Based on last year – we predict

After School Club-

42 will attend over the year ranging from Years R-6 and all children will take part in a performance.

P.E. Co-ordinator Day Release

One day supply cover to release co-ordinator to plan Borough sports.


Up to date information for new teaching techniques and involvement in all possible local sporting events.

Darwen Sports

Payment for hire and organisation of events


Purchase of consumable resources and mapping of the site for orienteering.

Co-ordinator Action Plan


Lunchtime Sports Coach

Every day for the lunch hour


Year 4 swimming lessons

Each week all year




Total £14,150



Competitive Sport

All competitive sports have a named teacher in charge whose job in this instance is to organise training and fixtures so that the majority of children, and all who wish to take part, are given the opportunity to play competitive sport.




Person Responsible

Competitors – based on last year’s numbers we predict


Darwen League 10 after school sessions – Autumn Term

Mr Nicholson



Girl’s Football

Darwen League 3 after school sessions – Spring Term

Miss Cowell

Mr Davies



Darwen League 8 after school sessions – Autumn Term

Mrs Cordingley



Darwen League 8 after school sessions – Summer Term


Miss Cowell



Darwen League 8 after school sessions – Summer Term

Mr Keane

Mr Davies


Cross Country

Darwen Schools 3 times per year - termly

Miss Kay



Darwen Schools Annual Gala & Blackburn Schools Annual Gala – Autumn & Summer

Mrs Turner

Mrs Standen



St. Bede’s Annual Feeder Challenge - Summer

Mr Keane



Darwen Schools Annual Athletic Championship – Summer Term

Mrs Turner


Some children competed in more than one event.

Total - 153





We have noticed an increased level of participation due to the Sport’s Premium. Mr Davies has supervised Football matches every playtime and lunch time since September 2015. This has allowed 120 junior children to participate in two organized games of football per week. The Year 6 children are offered between 2 and 8 organised games per week.


Gifted and Talented Children

All children take part in trials for our Mini Olympics event in the Autumn term. The children go through rounds of competition until the finals day where we then find the Sport’s Person of that Year group. Certificates are awarded at a special assembly and their photographs are displayed for the year in the shared area. Talented children, those winning in consecutive years are encouraged to attend After School Clubs including the St. Bede’s Sport’s Clubs.



Mrs Turner

Autumn 2017