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St Edward'sRoman Catholic Primary School

St Bede's - our local Catholic high school

The thought of leaving St Edward's and moving up to high school may be daunting but it shouldn't be!

Most pupils here move up to the local Catholic high school, St Bede's. To help make the transition to St Bede's easier, we arrange special days in Year 6 where you will experience high school life in every aspect from catching the school bus to having lunch in the cafeteria.

Here's what St Bede's themselves have to say...


''St Bede’s is proud of our close links with St Edward’s. Together, we work to fulfil our shared mission for Catholic education among the families we serve.  Our excellent relationship with St Edwards means that pupils’ transition from primary to high school is seamless.  This is not only because of our ground-breaking three day programme in the July, but also as a consequence of the continuous work and visits between our two schools.''

Don't just take our word for it! Two former St Edward's pupils have shared their experience of changing schools with us to say just how easy it was.


Moving up to St Bede's from St Edward's was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I had all my friends moving there as well, I think there was one person who didn't go to St Bede's. The induction days helped a lot, you could make friends before the school really starts and if you found it hard to make friends  you had your primary school friends.

The start of school was even easier for me because I got put in a set which most of my primary school friends got put in. It was so much easier having friends with you that you have known for over 7 years! - Matt


Moving from a primary school to a high school seems hard, trust me I've been there! School really helps with the settling in. Although at the time, some rumours may go around saying that high school is a horrible place with lots of bullies those rumours AREN'T TRUE!! You have probably also heard of the transition days and thought 'Ooh, a trip to a school - boring!' - well if you thought this I am glad to say you're WRONG!! The transition days helped me the most!

I met a lot of new friends who are still with me now. I got to see what the school day is like and most importantly see where we go. What also helped was that all of my primary school friends were there. Meeting new friends is great but the friends that go with you through primary school really last. Also, you will find familiar faces from past Year 6s, keep an eye out for them because they will really help you, if you are lost or looking for someone for example - Pati