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St Edward's Roman Catholic Primary School Darwen home page

St Edward'sRoman Catholic Primary School

Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 class page.

Our teacher in Year 3 is Mr Minoprio-Nicholson and our teaching assistant is Mrs Ferro.

Our PE Day is Monday. 

We will be taking part in outdoor learning on Wednesday afternoons.




Homework Topic 6

Sacramental Programme Dates

Year 3 are really enjoying their 52 Lives session all about kindness.

Some of Year 3 came together to prepare for our First Holy Communion on Sunday

Year 3 really enjoyed Forest Schools! Thanks Pete 🪵🌱🌿

Our Year 3s have been working together in SRE, to act out scenes for the ‘Children of Courage’ awards ceremony. They have been first aid heroes, creating their own role plays from different emergency scenario

Year 3 have been investigating which materials are magnetic and which are non-magnetic. We made some interesting discoveries when it came to metals. 🧲

Year 3 have been busy creating silhouette sketches of ‘The Iron Man’. They really thought about the shapes that made up his body, so that he was recognisable, just from his outline. 😀

Year 3 were busy on Friday, learning all about 'The Iron Man' 🎰🧲

Our Year 3 Liturgy leaders have led us beautifully this week. Firstly in our daily prayers, including a prayer written by a child as part of a homework task, then in our end of unit ‘Respond’ liturgy. 🙏🏼

Year 3 followed up our Internet Safety Day assembly by thinking about how technology’s design can influence our choices, and describing ways to manage that influence. 💻

In Year 3, we have been learning all about Stonehenge and the Neolithic Period. We found out lots of facts about it and discovered that it is 3x the height of our classroom! We are all amazed at how they managed to build it 5000 years ago. 😮

In Year 3, we have been sorting and classifying rocks according to their colour, size and texture

To introduce our Stone Age to Iron Age, our Year 3s have been creating prehistoric timelines and been history detectives 🕵🏻‍♂️ by making predictions about our class story, based on one picture from the book. 🪨

Our Year 3s were very excited today, to receive a letter back from Paddington’s Aunt Lucy in Peru 🇵🇪 thanking them for writing to her to tell her that he was safe in London and being looked after by the Browns.🐻

We have had a lovely #InterFaithWeek in Year 3, learning all about Buddhism. ☸️ The children have found out all about when, where and how Buddhism began. We have also been comparing Buddhism to Christianity, ✝️ to see what we have in common and what is different

In Year 3, we have had a wonderful, reflective liturgy in response to our ‘Promises’ topic on Baptism. The children all wrote their own promise, which they will take forth, to live like Jesus

Thank you to Nathan BRFC Trust for introducing our GULP (Give Up Loving Pop) sessions. The children are going to challenge themselves to not drink any sugary drinks for the next three weeks. 🥤🦷👟👟

Our Year 3s are learning all about the importance of promises made at Baptism, and the signs and symbols this special Sacrament. ⛪️ 🕊

Year 3 are loving their Blackburn Rovers gymnastics lesson with Georgina.

To start our new topic, our Year 3s have been sharing what they already know about our local area. 😀🌍

Our Year 3s have been enjoying lovely daily prayers, led by this week’s Liturgy Leaders. 🙏🏼

Tiny Teddies

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