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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 with Mrs Enslin and Miss Mazhar.

Our PE day is Thursday.








Group 1 started their caneoing this week


What a super workshop Year 6 had with Kirsty from Little Voices Today we worked on being a team and building confidence 🤩

Thank you StBedes RCHS for coming in to speak to Year 6 about moving up to High School 😊

Thank you Mrs Lyons - Year 6 had an amazing afternoon learning how to use microbits 💻🤩

🍕Year 6 Pizza Party 🍕After many months of working hard in homework club, Year 6 were treated to pizza as a well done for all their hard work 🤩

Yesterday, Year 6 created freeze frames for different scenes from the poem “The Lion and Albert” 🦁 We had reporters asking questions to elicit characters thoughts and feelings 🎤

Year 6 have been thinking about making good choices. We looked at different scenarios, thought about what we could do, came up with reasons for and against and then made a final decision 🤔

As part of our Health and Relationship Week, Year 6 have been thinking about things that can have an impact on our bodies. We had a go at finding and counting our pulse ❤️ and discussed the effects smoking, drinking and drugs can have on our bodies

Which poem are we going to be working on?

The sun’s’s cricket season! Year 6 loved their PE lesson outside this week ☀️🏏

Year 6 have been sharing their exciting writing ! It’s a dramatic week writing scary stories 🛶🌳

Practical Maths in Year 6. We used the cuisenaire rods to help us introduce our algebra topic ➕➖✖️➗You were superstars 🤩

Year 6 loved sharing and editing their newspaper reports together this week ⭐️✨⭐️✨🤩🤩

There is paired reading taking place in Year 6 this morning ⭐️. Year 6 are gathering information 🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏾‍♂️ and analysing formal / informal language to prepare for their newspaper writing this week ⭐️📝

Year 6 loved their PE lesson outdoors this week - they’ve started a block of Competitive Games ! Teamwork is key 🔑🧩🐝

Year 6’s Anderson Shelters have been on display in the hall since the Autumn Term. We are so proud of them for their work! It’s time they were shared with families so this week they took them home ✨ what fabulous work! Year 6... you are amazing 💙

Fabulous art work from Year 6 about Black Artists Shaping The World - a brilliant start to Year 6’s Local Black History topic

Year 6 are creating their own Podcasts! ⭐️🤩👩🏼‍💻 Their current topic for today is ‘The Word Becomes Flesh’ and they have titled their podcasts ‘Seeking Scripture’, ‘Spiritually Driven’ and ‘Holy Hour Talks’ ✝️🙏🏼

Year 6 need your help!

Still image for this video

More Year 6 sharing their fabulous writing from last week!! 📝🤩 We can’t wait to read their finished pieces! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Some of Year 6 sharing their amazing writing this morning 🤩💙🐝

⭐️Take Over Day ⭐️Today Year 6 took over the school!!They taught lessons, answered the phone, lead the assembly, called a meeting with the governors and even finished the day with a brew and a biscuit with Mrs Knowles. We are so blessed these children are part of our school🙏🏼💙⭐️

Year 6 had the most amazing visit from Imran who taught them all about the 25 Prophets in Islam. They also loved sampling the dates, a sacred food often eaten to break fasts in the month of Ramadan 💙✨

More outdoor fun!

Year 6 are beginning their Outdoor Learning for this half term 🍃 this week we are looking at giving back to the Earth... it’s den building time! 🏕💚

Year 6 were fabulous in their World War II Assembly today! ✨

Year 6 enjoying some Science board games this afternoon 🐈🐈‍⬛🐨🐷🐍🐒🦆🐞🐘🦁🐢🐛🦐🐳🐵🐙🦞🦗🦒🦥🦈🦧🦭🦉🦦

Thank you Arco Iris Learning for Year 6’s Encounters with Christ workshop this morning 💭💬🎨📸🎣🐝💙

Seeds and Gardeners - first meeting!


Team Building with NRG

Our first day - enjoying Art

Tiny Teddies

Don't forget to learn your spellings!